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Facts and Information

Pearl Care

Fresh-water Pearls, being organic, require very different treatment from gem-stones and precious metals. Pearls are not rocks; they are more like teeth – hard, but very breakable. What might scuff a sapphire could crush a pearl. Keeping your pearl jewellery in pristine condition requires a few simple steps:

Cleaning: Gently wipe your pearls after every wearing, using a soft, damp cloth. Do not use commercial jewellery cleaners unless it is specifically labelled safe for pearls. If you spill anything on your pearls, clean it immediately, especially if the pearls contact acidic food. Use a soft cloth moistened in fresh water, followed by a separate drying cloth.

Storage: Wrap pearls in a soft cloth (damp linen prevents dehydration), then store pearls away from hard gemstones, preferably in separate jewellery boxes.

Chemical contamination: perfume, hair spray, even the body’s natural oils and perspiration can dull the pearls’ lustre. Minimise these effects by applying all cosmetics before putting on your pearl jewellery.


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