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About Red Orchid Designs

My introduction to Design was at the North Adelaide School of Art, where I studied part-time for four years and the University of South Australia (UniSA), Underdale Campus, where I studied full time for two years, graduating with an Associate Diploma in Ceramics in 1984.

In 2006 I completed a Commerce Degree at UniSA, City-West, but my first love has always been Art.

While at Underdale I studied the formation of clay and experimented with producing a variety of glazes from formulae in the laboratory – thus started my long-term interest in rocks and stones.

I named my business Red Orchid Designs after the flower itself – using materials that are rare and beautiful like the red orchid.

Semi-precious stones come from the far corners of the earth and are processed into beads in China.  Although there are variations on a design theme, no two pieces are identical.

The freshwater pearls are AA quality or above and are farmed in large inland lakes in the remote regions of China. Some are quite rare and not easily sourced.  They have been in the lakes for at least three years. The coral is farmed and the crystal beads are Swarovski.
The necklaces are strung on Tiger Tail – forty-nine strands of stainless steel nylon coated wire – and all findings are sterling silver.

My designs are uncomplicated, relying on the beauty and organic nature of the materials. They are made with thoughtfulness and care.

My mission is to create hand made jewellery pieces that are honest and raw, that are high quality and timeless. They can be handed on to the next generation.
I hope you enjoy my creations.

Cynthia Ottewill